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Ready to start your personal finance journey? Start by exploring our personal finance modules on budgeting, banking, debt, and investing.

Explore Financial Wellness @ Penn

In addition to our modules, all Penn students have access to two external financial wellness resources: Cash Course and Financial Avenue.

Cash Course, developed by the National Endowment For Financial Education, offers self-paced personal finance education, including a series of worksheets and templates for use by students and blog posts featuring students' anecdotes. To create your account, indicate that you are a student at the University of Pennsylvania on the sign-up page.

Explore Cash Course

Financial Avenue, developed by Inceptia, offers courses on a range of financial literacy topics. Each course includes a combination of videos, worksheets, and action items for students to improve their financial well-being. Create your account today using Penn’s school access code: kw7rqd.

Explore Financial Avenue