Getting Started

Financial Wellness @ Penn aims to enhance students’ financial well-being by providing personal finance education, tools, and resources. Financial literacy is the first step in the process – understanding personal finance skills and why they’re important. We want to take student financial literacy a step further toward financial wellness: our goal is to help students feel empowered to set financial goals, make informed financial decisions, and improve their financial behaviors. We believe every student—undergraduate or graduate—should leave Penn with a plan for their financial future.

As part of the broader Wellness at Penn initiative and as one of the eight domains of wellness, Financial Wellness @ Penn seeks to demonstrate the importance of students’ financial health, now and in the future.

Action Items

Follow these steps to begin your financial wellness journey today!

Assess your financial well-being

If you're not sure about the current status of your financial well-being, consider taking a short assessment made by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This scale is the first of its kind to measure both an individual's financial preparedness and financial confidence. 

Browse financial education

Whether you're drafting your first budget, opening a savings account, or building credit, Financial Wellness @ Penn is here to help. Read through our financial education modules to learn about personal finance basics. 

Schedule a financial wellness appointment

Once you know the basics of personal finance, it's time to identify your next steps. Financial Wellness @ Penn offers free one-on-one peer financial counseling to students who want to discuss their financial questions in more detail. 

Attend and/or request a workshop

If learning in a group setting is more your speed, join us for a Financial Fridays workshop or encourage one of your student groups to request a workshop from us.