This content is for Undergraduate Students
Highly Aided Break Meal Program

Student Registration and Financial Services provides limited meal funding to Highly Aided undergraduate students who are unable to travel home during holiday breaks. This funding is separate from meal funding students receive in their financial aid packages.

Please read below for details about the current break meal program.

Spring Break 2020

Registration for the Spring Break meal program is closed. 

SRFS is providing funding for Highly Aided students who will remain on campus during Spring Break, when dining halls are closed. 

If you have participated in prior break programs, you can continue to use the same reloadable debit card you received. If you did not participate in that program, or you no longer have your card, you can indicate that you will need a new card in the registration form.

Registration opens on February 24 and closes on February 28. 

If you have questions about the break meal program, please contact the Highly Aided Counseling Team at