Course Registration

The Office of the University Registrar provides you with the tools and resources you need to register for courses and oversees certain policies and procedures pertaining to registration.

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There are two components to course registration: Advance Registration and Course Selection (otherwise known as Add/Drop/Swap). Quick reference guides and How-To videos for using Path@Penn to register for courses can be found here.


Advance Registration  

Students request courses for the upcoming semester during the Advance Registration period. During Advance Registration, students submit their preferred courses, as well as alternative courses, using Path@Penn, the online registration system. Students can submit their course requests at any time during this period. All course requests are processed at the conclusion of the Advance Registration period, regardless of when the request was submitted. Although there is no advantage to registering early and no guarantee that students will be enrolled in all their requested courses, it is very important to take part in Advance Registration. Students who do not advance register may find themselves closed out of the courses they wish to take. 


Course Selection (Add/Drop/Swap) 

The Course Selection period, informally known as Add/Drop/Swap, allows students to visit classes and add and drop courses using Path@Penn before finalizing their schedules. Unlike Advance Registration, during the Course Selection Period courses are filled as students register for them, so timing is important and students will know immediately if they are enrolled. Students should refer to the Penn Academic Calendar for specific dates for each semester. 


Permissions and Waitlists

Restrictions and/or quotas may be placed on a course to limit registration to a specific student population. Course permissions are granted by academic departments or programs. Course permission can be requested via Path@Penn at the "Add to Cart" stage of registration. If you have questions about obtaining course permission, registering for a closed course, or being placed on a course waitlist, please contact the academic department or program responsible for the course.


Registration Holds

A hold will prevent a student from participating in Advance Registration and Course Selection (Add/Drop). 

Hold Type Hold Reason Support Contact Information
Advising Incomplete academic actions Contact your academic advisor or program manager.
Financial Overdue balance Email:
Phone: 215-898-1988
Visit for additional information.
Collections  Account in collections Email:
Graduation  Incomplete loan exit counseling Visit to complete your exit counseling online
Immunization Immunization records not up-to-date Visit for information and instructions
Judicial   Contact the Office of Student Conduct

Please note that holds can take between 1-5 business days to be removed from a student record.