Outside Scholarships

Penn’s policy on applying outside scholarships to financial aid packages.

In searching for outside scholarships, check with foundations, organizations (including religious, community, and professional associations), and family members’ employers.

Outside Scholarship Policy for Aided Undergraduate Students

Penn provides financial aid packages that cover 100% of your demonstrated financial need. If you receive an outside scholarship, we may need to adjust your package to account for this additional source of funding.

We will apply your outside scholarship funding to your package to reduce or replace some of the funds that you as a student are expected to contribute or earn. We will first apply the outside scholarship funds to reduce or eliminate the “summer savings” component of your financial aid package, which is reflected in your Student Contribution. If necessary, we will then reduce or eliminate the work study allotment you would be expected to earn throughout the year.

If your outside scholarship is larger than the combined value of your summer savings expectation and your work-study allotment, the remaining amount will replace university grant funding. Outside scholarship funding cannot be used to reduce your Parent Contribution. 

Promptly report any scholarships or grants you receive from sources outside the University.

Reporting scholarship checks and grants

  • Email scholarship correspondence as an attachment to outschol@pobox.upenn.edu or, if necessary, mail copies to the Outside Scholarship Office at the address below.

  • Advise your sponsor to make checks payable to “Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania,” to include your name and Penn ID number in the documentation, and to mail the checks to the Outside Scholarship Office at the address below.

  • If you receive a scholarship check made payable to you or made co-payable to you, (i.e. payable to University of Pennsylvania & [Your Name]), endorse the back of the check before mailing it to the address below. Please make sure your name and Penn ID number are sent with the check. If such checks are not endorsed, they cannot be deposited and credited to your account.


Email outschol@pobox.upenn.edu
Mailing Address

Outside Scholarship Office
Student Financial Services
Franklin Building, Room 100
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6270