Pennant Accounts Feeder App FAQ

The Feeder App is part of the Pennant Accounts project and is a bolt-on to the Banner software.

BRS calendar and cut-off dates & times are still in effect.

Feeder Application views and reports represent the status of batches along with the related transactions. Those views and reports are therefore just a slice of student activity. A more comprehensive picture of the student, such as account balance, hold status, and other important information can be found in the Banner application or in the Student Account Summary.

The Feeder team is developing an online module, available through Knowledge Link, which should be available shortly.

The Feeder is used primarily for batch transactions; there are forms in Banner that are the functional equivalent of today’s SAJ screens. Exemptions are the exception to this rule. Exemptions, for example acceptance deposits, can only be processed into Banner via the Feeder.

If you are part of the original (pre-live) feeder community then you have already been contacted and your user identity along with your role has been created, assuming you completed the validation exercises. New requests for access can be accommodated by completing the Banner Access form found on the Pennant Access and Training page. 

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol for secure file transfer.

The feeder supports file transfer as a comma separated value (CSV), fixed length flat file in Banner, and legacy format, along with specialized formats to accommodate outside vendors and systems.

Each batch can contain only like transaction types. In other words, a batch cannot contain a combination of charge/payments and exemptions or any other combination.

All batches are posted to Banner via a nightly process. In an emergency you can contact the Student Accounts team and have them send the batch to Banner in real-time, outside of the nightly process.

Currently there are four native reports in the Feeder app, and other report can be created with access to the Data Warehouse. 

If you exit the Pennant Accounts application and then try to re-enter by refreshing the browser or opening a new tab or window, your browser will generate a series of error messages. These include a Java runtime exception and on-logon trigger exceptions.  

To re-enter the application, you must exit or quit your browser and launch a new browser session before signing back in to Pennant Accounts with your PennKey and password.