Non-Work Study

Quick Facts
  • It is the student’s responsibility to conduct a job search, apply for jobs, interview, and be hired. You can search for non-work-study jobs on the Student Employment website.

  • A Student Worker is appointed to a position in Workday by the employing department’s business administrator. New student employees are required to complete University onboarding tasks through Workday@Penn and Onboard@Penn. 

  • A student is limited to two jobs at any given time.

  • When classes are in session, students (full-time or part-time) are not permitted to work more than a total of 20 hours per week.

  • Students employed on-campus are paid weekly by the employing department. Students are required to perform accurate time entry and submit weekly timesheets in Workday@Penn. 


A student who does not receive a work-study award as part of their financial aid package, or is a non-financially aided student, may be employed as a Student Worker (non-work-study). The employing department’s business administrator appoints the student to a position in Workday and is responsible for paying 100% of the student’s wages.

Non-Work-Study employment can benefit a student in several ways:

  • Pay for personal expenses

  • Improve time management skills

  • Help build a student’s resume

  • Serve as a reference for future employment

How to Find a Job

There are several ways of finding employment:

  • Browse the non-work-study job listings on the Student Employment website.

  • Contact individual departments directly to inquire about non-work-study positions.

  • Visit departments’ websites. Departments may advertise the availability of non-work-study jobs.

It is the student's responsibility to conduct a job search, apply for jobs, interview, and be hired.

Each job listing contains the supervisor's contact information. It is important for the student to follow the supervisor's instructions. Since a supervisor may have more than one job listed, note the job number.

The student must present a copy of their class schedule to the supervisor at the time of the interview, in order to ensure there is no conflict between class times and the work schedule.

International students are limited to on-campus employment, which is defined as working for Penn, on Penn Payroll, and on Penn premises. Not all Penn affiliates or entities are considered on-campus employment sites for immigration purposes. The following examples are considered non-Penn sites:

  • CHOP (including Pediatrics)

  • International House

  • Monell Chemical Senses Center

  • Red and Blue Call Center

  • The Wistar Institute

  • Unique Advantage or any agency under different EINs

This is not an exhaustive list of non-Penn sites. Therefore, you must check with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to make sure your employment will be considered on-campus employment. Special permission from ISSS/DHS is required to work at these non-Penn sites – for more information meet with an ISSS advisor.

Tips for finding a job:

  • If you have not already done so, prepare a resume. When a supervisor has multiple inquiries about a job, the supervisor may use the resume to select students to be interviewed.

  • When applying for a job, include in the subject line of your e-mail the job number and title. Your e-mail should give a brief synopsis of your work experience and skills, and any other information you believe is relevant.

  • Apply for more than one job. Keep your options open.

  • Be prompt for the interview, and dress appropriately.

  • If you do not receive a response from a supervisor within a reasonable amount of time, you may send a friendly reminder expressing your continued interest in the job.

Job Appointment and Required Documents

The appointment of a student worker (non-work-study) is handled directly by the employing department’s business administrator, who will begin the process in Workday@Penn. Instructions for the onboarding process will be sent to the student employee via email. After completing the online onboarding tasks in Workday@Penn, new student employees will complete in-person tasks at Onboard@Penn located on campus. Schedule an appointment and learn more by visiting Onboard@Penn

Students who are current employees or have been employed by Penn in the past 18 months will not go through the onboarding process. 

New international student employees will need a valid Social Security Number in order to work in the United States. Before applying for a Social Security Number, you need to have an on-campus job first. The instructions and application for Social Security: On-Campus Work Authorization for F-1 and J-1 Students is located at the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) website.

How Are Student Employees Paid

Beginning July 1, all student workers who receive their pay from Penn will enter their time on Workday@Penn, the University's new human resources and payroll platform. A student’s hours cannot be held for a period of time, and then submitted all at once. University regulations require that a student employee must be paid weekly. The employing department will instruct the student regarding the procedures for entering time in Workday.

A student cannot be paid for lunch, holidays, sick time, and other time off, or for receiving instruction in the classroom, laboratory, or other academic setting.

Work-Study wages are subject to the same federal, state, and local income taxes as any other earned income. 

International students have the same taxes withheld that U.S. students do. Students that are from a country that has a tax treaty with the United States may be able to claim a refund of the taxes withheld when they file their yearly income tax returns. If you have any questions regarding taxation, please go to the Payroll Tax Office, Room 310 of the Franklin Building, 3451 Walnut Street. The service window hours are Monday through Friday, from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Workday@Penn Resources: You may access self-service tip sheets and videos, available 24/7, to assist you in navigating Workday@Penn, entering time, understanding your pay slip, or changing your pay elections (direct deposit).

University Policy on Acceptable use of Electronic Resources

A student employee is required to comply with the University’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.