Financial Aid Counseling

SFS Financial Aid Counselors are available to help answer questions about your package and strategies for financing your Penn education. 

All Penn undergraduate students, whether they receive need-based financial aid or not, are assigned a Student Financial Aid counselor based on their last name. Graduate student counselors are assigned based on a student's school of study.

You can view the full list of counselors and their assignments on the pages in the lefthand menu. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor, you can contact Student Financial Aid at 215-898-1988. You can also visit the Student Service Center in the lobby of the Franklin Building (3451 Walnut Street) for a drop-in appointment with whichever counselor is immediately available. Any counselor you speak to will have access to your student record and will be able to assist you, even if they are not your assigned counselor.

Many questions can be resolved without scheduling an appointment, and SFA has other customer service professionals who are available to help you. When you first contact SFA by email or phone, one of these professionals will attempt to answer your question or resolve your concern. If your question is more complicated or requires adjustments to your package, they will help you schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor. 

This service model is designed to help as many students and family members as possible with quick and accurate responses. We are always looking for feedback on our customer service experience, and we encourage you to complete the surveys presented to you after email and telephone interactions.