Financing and Payment Plans

We understand that, for most families, the cost of a Penn education requires a great amount of financial planning. Even after receiving any grant funding for which you are eligible, you may still benefit from different approaches to paying any remaining costs. To assist you in paying for your Penn education, Penn offers several programs and resources.

Penn Payment Plan

Budget your billed expenses over the course of the semester using the Penn Payment Plan. 

Learn more about the Penn Payment Plan

Tuition Prepayment Plan

Families can prepay up to four years of tuition and mandatory fees at the current academic year rate, thereby avoiding future tuition increases. 

Learn more about the Tuition Prepayment Plan

Student and Parent Loans

Penn financial aid counselors can help you explore federal and private educational loan options to help you cover your academic expenses. You can also plan your repayment strategies in advance and learn about borrower protections. 

Learn about student and parent loans