Notary Services

Important Update: Apostille Services Discontinued 

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) has discontinued Apostille services. The OUR will continue to provide notary services for students, staff, and alumni for documents issued only by the Office of the University Registrar, University of Pennsylvania.

For Information regarding the Apostille process and services offered by the Pennsylvania Department of State, visit the following link:

Please direct all questions regarding the Apostille process or certifications to the Pennsylvania Department of State via phone at (717) 787-5280; or via email at:

Information about Notary Services

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) provides notary services to current students and alumni for documents issued only by the University of Pennsylvania.

To request notary services, email with the email subject "Notary Services Request" and specify the following:

  • Full name at the time you were enrolled at Penn
  • Penn ID number, if known
  • Month and Year of your DOB
  • Name of school and/or program attended
  • Dates of enrollment; if unknown, please provide approximate dates
  • Personal contact information should we need to reach you regarding your request
  • Date document is needed by
  • Document type to be notarized: 
    • Official paper transcripts
    • Degree and/or enrollment verification letters
  • Document delivery type:
    • Regular mail, include the delivery address
    • In-person pick-up

Note: Same-day notary services are not available.

The Office of the University Secretary (OUS) manages the notarization of diplomas and diploma translations. For more information, please visit:

Document Types 

Below is a brief description of documents issued by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), University of Pennsylvania.


A transcript is a representation of a student’s academic record while at the University of Pennsylvania. Information on a transcript includes a student's program name(s), terms of enrollment, course numbers and titles, credits earned, degrees earned, grades, GPA (if calculated), and honors & awards.

Note: Graduates of the Class of 1988 to current students have the ability to view their unofficial transcripts via Path@Penn. We strongly encourage current students and alum to view unofficial transcripts before requesting notary services.

For more information please visit:

Degree or Enrollment Verification Letters

A verification letter is a representation of a student's enrollment and/or degree conferral. Information in a standard verification letter includes a student's name of record, school or program name, degree program being pursued, field of study (majors, minors, and concentrations), expected graduation date, or degree conferral date.

Enrollment verifications are not provided for future terms. If a student has advance registered for a future term, an advance registration verification letter can be provided. 

For more information please visit: