Third Party Payment Contracts

An organization not owned by you or a family member (i.e. public or private sector sponsor including military agencies, educational institutions, international embassies, or state prepaid tuition programs) can commit to pay your educational expenses. The University of Pennsylvania will bill outside organizations (sponsors) by preparing a separate invoice listing your tuition, fees, and other charges.

The Student Accounts office coordinates the Third Party Payment Contracts process. We prepare and send a bill (invoice) for qualified tuition and fees, maintain agency and student third party accounts, and handle all correspondence regarding Third Party Payment Contracts.

Please read our Sponsor Billing Requirements and see below for additional information.

To enroll in a Third Party Payment Contract, you and your sponsoring organization must complete and return these documents:

Contact Information




Mailing Address:

University of Pennsylvania
SRFS/Third Party Payments
Franklin Building, Room 221
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6270