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The University of Pennsylvania confers degrees three times a year in May, August, and December. Students are required to submit a graduation application to initiate degree processing. The graduation application allows students to share with the University important information such as preferred presentation for name on diploma and in the commencement program, diploma shipping address, and formally initiates the final review of academic progress toward degree completion.

This is also an opportunity for students to review their academic record, specifically their field of study, to confirm their records accurately reflect the degree information anticipated, such as major(s), minor(s), joint degrees, etc. Although all students are expected to regularly meet with their academic advisor throughout their enrollment, it is common and appropriate for this process to prompt a conversation between the student and their academic advisor around items such as outstanding degree requirements, incomplete grades, or the decision to drop a minor, extra major, or area of study. These conversations and changes should take place prior to applying to graduate. All students are encouraged to review their academic record ahead of the application deadline and meet with their advisor about any outstanding or new questions relating to degree completion.

Graduation applications are only valid for the term indicated in the application at the time it is submitted. If the degree is not granted for that term, for any reason, the student must submit a new graduation application for the term in which they anticipate graduation.

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School Graduation Information

Graduation applications become available for different student populations and terms throughout the year. The information on this page is updated often to reflect school and division application dates and deadlines.

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While the university has an official degree conferral date for each term, actual processing and awarding of degrees can take up to 30 days. The university makes every effort to award degrees as quickly as possible. Please contact your school registrar for details about the processing times for degrees in your school