Penn Payment Plan

Enrollment for the Spring 2020 Penn Payment Plan will open October 15, 2019

The Penn Payment Plan is a voluntary, interest-free installment plan designed for families who prefer to spread all or a portion of their educational expenses across four payments each semester. The plan runs from July through October for the fall semester and December through March for the spring semester. There is a $45 non-refundable enrollment fee each semester.

Plans are available for the fall and spring semesters, and you must re-enroll each semester, even if you previously participated in the plan. If a family member intends to set up a payment plan on your behalf, make sure you add them as an Authorized User in Penn.Pay.

Spring 2020 enrollment runs from Oct. 15 – Dec. 14.

You can enroll (during the enrollment period) or review the status of your current payment plan on Penn.Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions
Fall Semester Spring Semester
July 15 December 15
August 15 January 15
September 15 February 15
October 15 March 15

These due dates are associated with automatic payments and cannot be changed. 

You will be charged a $45 enrollment fee when you sign up each semester. Our vendor also assesses a 2.85% convenience fee on credit card payments.

Within Penn.Pay, click on the “Payment Plans” tab and select “Enroll in Payment Plan.” You will be prompted to confirm the plan details and the amount you wish to budget. After you input your payment method, you can review your Payment Plan Agreement and finalize your plan.

A plan can be initiated by either the student or by an Authorized User. Authorized Users can make payments on a plan that their student has set up, but a student cannot make a payment on a plan set up by an Authorized User. Banking information is confidential and only the user will be able to see and access this information. If a student has two parents who would each like to pay separately on a plan, it is suggested that the student sign up for the plan and then give access to each parent as an Authorized User. Each parent will pay their agreed upon portion of the plan each month.

To make a change to the budgeted amount or cancel the plan, please contact us at You will be responsible for any balance due on your student account after your Payment Plan has been modified or canceled.

Yes. When you enroll, you will be required to enter either a checking/savings account or credit card number that will be used to automatically withdraw funds on your installment due dates. The payment method you choose will be used for the all scheduled payments.

If you would like to switch from one checking/savings account to another or switch from a credit card payment to a checking/savings account, you can add a new payment method within Penn.Pay. You can do this under the “Payment Profile” tab. After that, you can select the new payment method under the “Payment Plans” tab. 

You are not able to switch from one credit card to another credit card or from a checking/savings account to a credit card.

529 Plan payments should include a note that the funds are being used to pay off your Payment Plan. These payments must be received 5-7 business days prior to the due date to allow processing/posting to the Payment Plan.

Payments via 529 Plan should be sent to:

University of Pennsylvania
Student Accounts/Penn Payment Plan
Room 221 Franklin Building
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6270

International families are welcome to participate. Penn partners with Flywire (formerly peerTransfer) to streamline the bill payment process for our international students. With Flywire, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money compared to traditional banks. You are also able to track where your payment is in the transfer process via a student dashboard and an email confirmation will be sent to you when your payment is received.

If you are using Flywire for your payment method, be sure to include your name, PennID, and a note that the funds are being used to pay off your Payment Plan. Payment must be received 5-7 business days prior to the due date to allow processing and posting to the Payment Plan.