Student Grades

Students can view their available grades at any time on Penn InTouch by clicking on “Academic Records” and “View Grades” 

Grades are posted to the Student Record System as they are received and are available online within 24 hours from posting. Grades are due from faculty based on the following schedule: 

Fall Term Due the first working day in January after the winter break
Spring Term Due by 12 noon three days after the last day of final exams
Summer Sessions Due by 12 noon three days after the last day of classes.

Grade Changes

Grade changes are initiated by faculty and must be approved by the student’s school. Changes are posted to SRS by the Registrar’s Office within 24 hours after receipt of the approved grade change notice from the school. 

Students should contact their school offices regarding the status of grade changes. 

Grading Policy 

Grading rules and policy are determined by the respective schools. The University Catalog lists grading policies for undergraduate students.  

Grades and Transcripts 

Grades will appear on your transcript within 24 hours after they are posted to SRS. Please note if you are on a “hold” you may not have access to your transcript or be able to view your grades on Penn InTouch.