Undergraduate Summer Session Costs

Important Notes

Costs listed below reflect the Summer 2019 session. 

Tuition and fees can vary for students enrolled in courses outside their home school or program. Students are charged tuition per C.U. (course unit). A general fee is charged per session if taking courses in both Summer I & II. Some special programs may not assess a general fee.

Contact your school or program administrator to confirm your cost, especially if you are enrolled in a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses.

College of Arts and Sciences

Tuition $4,392
General Fee $376
Total $4,768

School of Nursing

Tuition $6,582
General Fee $376
Total $6,904

Wharton School

Tuition $5,550
General Fee $376
Total $5,926

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Tuition $4,750
General Fee $376
Total $5,126

College of Liberal and Professional Studies

  • These rates apply to students formally enrolled in the LPS 11-week summer session in the following programs: BA, BFA, Specialized Science, PreHealth Core.
Tuition $3,340
General Fee $312
Total $3,652