Tuition Prepayment Plan

Families can prepay three or four years of tuition and mandatory fees at the current academic year rate, thereby avoiding future tuition increases. The plan can also be used for study abroad programs. Unused prepaid funds due to early graduation or withdrawal will be refunded. Summer sessions are not covered. The program is not designed for students receiving aid because the amounts are for full tuition and fees and will not be reduced for aid packages. 

Any student enrolled full-time in a three- or four-year program is eligible to participate.

The tuition prepayment plan does not include room and board, dining, or the university health plan.

How to Enroll

For more information and to sign up for a prepayment plan, contact the Student Accounts office at

Enroll in the Tuition Prepayment plan ahead of the Spring 2024 tuition due date of January 5th. Enrollment in the Tuition Prepayment plan at the 2023-2024 tuition rate will close on January 31, 2024.