Paying Your Bill

Penn supports a variety of methods for you to pay your bill each month. Please review the information below and make sure you are following the correct steps for your preferred method.

Payment Methods

SRFS accepts payment for your student account in the following ways. 

Please note that Penn does not accept cash payments for any student account charges. 

Late Payment Penalties

The University must receive the full amount due on or before the bill’s due date. If full payment is not received by the due date, a late payment penalty of 1.5% of the amount past due will be assessed, and the student may be placed on a financial hold, which will prevent them from registering for classes until the hold is cleared.

A new late payment penalty will appear on your bill as a new transaction, as will adjustments to previously assessed late payment penalties.

If Penn accepts payment that contains or reflects “paid in full,” or other restrictive endorsements, Penn does not lose any of its rights to collect any amount due.

Returned Checks 

A check not honored by the bank is subject to a $30 returned check charge. Any balance unpaid on the student account as a result of the returned check is subject to a late payment penalty. The University reserves the right to require a cashier’s check or certified check on future payments. The University does not accept post-dated checks.

A payment returned for non-sufficient funds is subject to a $30 NSF Fee and any unpaid balance as a result of a NSF payment will be subject to a late payment penalty.