Request a Transcript

A transcript is a representation of a student’s academic record while at the University of Pennsylvania. You may need a transcript to apply for graduate school or for employment purposes. Be sure to confirm with whoever is requesting your transcript whether you need an official transcript or if an unofficial transcript will suffice. Penn encourages you to request electronic transcripts whenever possible for the most efficient service, as long as such a transcript is acceptable for your purposes.  

Official transcripts can be ordered through the "Order my official transcript" link on Path@Penn for a fee. Most students and alumni from the Class of 1988 onward can view unofficial transcripts for free at any time through Path@Penn.

Below you’ll find transcript request instructions for specific student and alumni populations.  

Select Your Student/Alumni Population

Current Students and Alumni Class of 2010 to Present

Alumni Prior to Class of 2010

Alumni of Perelman School of Medicine MD Program

Current Students and Alumni Class of 2010 to Present

Alumni Prior to Class of 2010

Alumni of Perelman School of Medicine MD Program

Conferring Degrees and Grade Submission

Degrees are conferred (posted) by schools and programs. The degree checkout process can take up to 30 days from the end of the term to complete. Please contact your school or program directly for questions concerning the timing of your degree conferral. 

Students can view the posting of their degree conferral and grades on their unofficial transcripts via Path@Penn. Degree conferral can be seen under the Degree Awarded section on unofficial transcripts.

Please note that electronic PDF transcripts send immediately after an order is completed via Path@Penn. Electronic PDF transcripts are not held for grade posting or degree conferral. 

Information about student grades can be found on the Student Grades page.

Removing Holds on a Student Record

If you are on a hold you may not have access to order your official transcript or be able to view your grades or unofficial transcript on Path@Penn. Please note that grades and GPAs can not be disclosed over the phone, via email, or in-person. Assistance with removing a hold on your record is dependent on the type of hold:

Type of Hold Contact Office
Financial, Graduation, Loans Exit Counseling  SRFS Student Service Center,
Collections  SRFS Student Fund Recovery,

Student Health and Counseling,

Advisor Sign-Off Your assigned academic advisor
Judicial Center for Community Standards and Accountability
Transcript SRFS Office of the University Registrar,

Submitting a Matching Form/Identification Number Required by Transcript Processing Centers 

A matching form or identification number is used by some transcript processing centers to match a graduate or professional school applicant's transcript with their application. Most forms or ID numbers can be submitted online with your order and delivered along with your official transcript.

Requesting Records Release by Special Investigators 

We strongly encourage Special Investigators and other government employees to use DoD Safe when requesting transcripts. DoD Safe links should be sent to Release forms should not be directly emailed as they may contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers (SSN).

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