Penn.Pay FAQ

Estimated or pending aid appears on your account as a memo and has an expiration date associated with it. After that expiration date has passed, it is removed from your account. You may wish to contact Student Financial Services to explain any special circumstances associated with your aid.

Yes, the Penn.Pay software can be accessed from any mobile device. 

Penn.Pay stores up to 36 previous statements for your review, dating back to July 2016.

Alerts are only viewable within the website. As such, you should log on regularly to Penn.Pay to review your alerts.

Note: Beginning in November 2019, you can use a Visa card to complete your online payment. 

Currently Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard are accepted, as well as pre-paid debit/gift cards from these companies.

Our vendor assesses a 2.85% convenience fee when paying by credit card. There are no fees for e-Payments from checking or savings accounts.

Penn does not receive any part of the credit card convenience fee. The vendor collects this fee to maintain the site and as such is not refundable.

You may submit a payment for any amount up to $500 over the amount due.

Payers can make multiple payments in the course of a single day.

Staff cannot delete Authorized Users on behalf of a student.

Students have multiple pages where they can log on or where they will be directed to log on. They include the Penn Portal, Penn InTouch, and the Student Financial Services website. Authorized users are emailed a link when they accept a student’s invitation.

Students can also navigate directly to

All browsers are compatible with Penn.Pay.

Yes, you can print a remittance slip from Penn.Pay to include with a mailed check. Be sure to write the student’s full name and 8 digit PennCard number on the check. Payments may be mailed to:

University of Pennsylvania
Student Accounts
Franklin Building, Suite 221
3451 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19104

If you have submitted a credit card payment in error, please contact Student Financial Services within 3-5 business days and they will discuss your options.

You may invite up to 10 Authorized Users.

Add to your address book. However, there are no guarantees that emails will not end up in a spam folder, as every email provider handles incoming messages differently. You should regularly check your spam folder to make sure there is nothing there.

If a credit card is rejected the payer will receive real time notification.

If an electronic payment is rejected you will received notification directly from your bank.