Reduction of Tuition and Fees Policy

Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student enrolled in The College, The Wharton School, the School of Nursing, or the School of Engineering and Applied Science who withdraws from the University (or who is requested to withdraw for failure to maintain a satisfactory scholastic standing), or who is granted a leave of absence from the University during either term of the academic year, will be eligible for a reduction in tuition and fees in accordance with the conditions set forth below. Students enrolled in LPS or special certificate programs should contact their school.

Students who leave within the

Percentage Reduction in Tuition and Fees

First two weeks of class


Third and fourth weeks of class




The effective date of separation from the University is the date the student files a written request for withdrawal or leave of absence. In the case of students receiving financial aid, eligibility for the term will be re-determined based on actual charges and prorated allowances for living expenses. A student who is required to withdraw because of a violation of University regulations is not eligible for a tuition refund.

If you are enrolled in the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan with A.W. Dewar, please contact them directly at 617-774-1555.

Graduate and Professional School Students

Tuition reduction policies differ among graduate or professional schools and/or programs. Students enrolled in Graduate or Professional Schools must contact their individual school for information and should do so as soon as possible after the decision to withdraw.