W-9S Form Policy

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires the university to report certain information concerning the student’s status on IRS form 1098-T. In order to properly prepare and submit this tax statement, we require a correct U.S. tax identification number—either a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or U.S. Tax Identification Number (ITIN). Student Accounts is responsible for contacting students who are missing this information prior to production of the form 1098-T. The W-9S Form is used to officially document this information.

All students who enroll in credit-based courses during the tax year and who have a missing or invalid Social Security Number (SSN) on record will receive a W-9S in the mail.

Click here to download a copy.

Pursuant to privacy laws and regulations, the U.S. tax identification number is only used for reporting purposes as required and will not be used as an identifier in the University of Pennsylvania student records system (SRS).

Please note: If you are considered a nonresident alien for U.S. tax purposes on an F, J, or B visa, you are not eligible for the U.S. tax education tax benefits. If you are ineligible for the U.S. education tax benefits, please disregard this notice.

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