Student Record System (SRS)

The Student Record System, known as SRS, is the data mainframe used by faculty and staff to manage academic records and courses.

Requesting Access to SRS

In order to access SRS, you must first obtain an ISC user account. The ISC user account request form is available online. Next, you must fill out your portion of the SRS Security Request form. 

There are several courses in Knowledge Link that are required to be completed for SRS access. Please complete these courses prior to sending in your SRS access request form:

  • UP.91047.ITEM.PRIVSEC: Information Privacy and Security at Penn - UNIV
  • UP.87024.CURR.FERPA002: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - Annual Overview
  • UP.87024.ITEM.SRS001: Introduction to the Student Registration System (SRS)

If assigning these courses to yourself, you can search for these courses by Course ID or title in the “Find Learning” search box on your Knowledge Link “My Learning” page.

For security reasons, users are not permitted to share accounts – you must have an account of your own. Violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your access to SRS. Please note SRS maintains an audit trail of all transactions entered into the SRS screens.

After you have filled out your part of the SRS Security Request form and the ISC user account request, forward the forms to the person (Task Force Representative) in your department and/or school responsible for authorizing SRS/ISC accounts. Check with your supervisor if you have questions about this.

The Task Force Representative will designate the screens to which you should have access and the signed forms should be forwarded to Christy Daly at and Sarah Pipal at pipals@upenn.eduAfter your SRS security access has been implemented, you can view your security status and the screens you have access to on screen 40 and 41. All screens are inaccessible until you complete the prerequisite SRS training.

Security in SRS is based on what you need to know to do your job. If you think you need to view and/or update screens you have not been given access to, talk to your supervisor or Task Force Representative.


Quick User Guide

If You Need Assistance

If you require password assistance between 8am and 4pm during the business week, please contact Angela Henry (8-5031) or Chris Harnett (6-8232). Once your identity is verified, you will receive your temporary password via SecureShare. 

If you require password assistance outside of regular working hours, please contact our Operations partner, Blue Hill Data Services, at 1-845-627-8450.

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