SRFS Must-Do List

Update Your Records!

Take care of these important tasks early to make sure your student account is set up with your preferred privacy settings and that you are receiving any expected funds quickly and securely. 

Review Your Personal Profile

Visit Path@Penn to view and update your biographic and demographic information that is on file with the University.

Update Your Directory Listing

Use the Penn Directory to update your primary email address for Penn communications and decide what information is available about you to other members of the Penn community. 

Give Permission to Share Academic/Financial Information

The University generally cannot, by federal student privacy law (FERPA), discuss your academic or financial records with a third party, including parents. To authorize Penn to share your information with a parent, guardian, sponsor, or another party, you must designate them explicitly.

From Path@Penn, click on "Share academic/financial info" under "My Profile."

Provide Your Emergency Contact Information

Please provide personal emergency contact information for use with the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System & Penn Guardian. Partner with Penn by providing a phone number (preferably a cell phone) where you can best be reached. You can also register parents or guardians, so University officials can communicate with them as well. 

Set Up Penn.Pay Users and Payment Accounts

Penn.Pay is Penn’s electronic billing and payment system. As a student, you can access Penn.Pay with your PennKey. To enable others (such as your parents) to also receive and/or pay your bill, and view new activity on a daily basis, you must invite them as an Authorized User.

From Path@Penn, click on "Penn.Pay" under "Financial Services."

Sign Up for Direct Deposit of Student Account Refund(s) and Payroll

We encourage you to enroll in direct deposit, as you may receive wages from a Work-Study job, other campus employment, or receive a student account refund. Direct deposit ensures your funds will be deposited to your personal US bank account. Enroll as soon as possible, using a bank local to Penn, or one of your own choosing. Please note that Penn has two separate direct deposit systems, and you may need to enroll in both.

For Student Account Refunds

  • From Path@Penn, click on "Penn.Pay" under "Financial Services."

For Student Employment

  • From Path@Penn, click on "Enroll in Direct Deposit (payroll)" under "Financial Services."
Provide Proof of Required Vaccinations

​​​​​​All students are required to receive the COVID-19 and flu vaccines, in addition to regular immunization requirements each year. Your vaccination information must be reported to Immunization Compliance before coming to campus. Upload your vaccination documentation now by visiting the Immunization Compliance page.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in denial of student registration privileges.

Other Privacy Issues

Visit PennPrivacy to read more about FERPA and visit the PennPortal and follow the Privacy Must Do List to make other privacy choices.

Note: Revealing passwords or allowing other organizations or individuals to use your personal accounts to access Penn systems is a violation of University policy. Additionally, you compromise your privacy and become vulnerable to identity theft.