OUR Team Directory

Senior Leadership 

Margaret Kip, University Registrar
Kylie Edmond, Associate University Registrar, Catalog, Curriculum, and Degree Audit
LeWana (LeLe) Hobbs, Director, Student Records and Services
Traci Rees, Associate University Registrar, Student Systems and Information Services
Meghan Richardson, Associate University Registrar, Classrooms, Calendars, and Scheduling
Adam B. Sherr, Director Cross-Functional Training, Sr. Application & Data Analyst

Academic & Student Services

Anna Cassidy, Academic Services Coordinator
Jo D'Avella, Student Services Coordinator
Evelyn Ortiz, Academic Services Coordinator
Imani Price, Student Services Coordinator
Bethany Robblee Schell, Sr. Assistant University Registrar, Academic & Student Services
Raina Stewart, Student Services Coordinator

Randy Weber, Banner Student Record Contractor

Calendars, Classrooms, and Scheduling

Margarita Granat, Scheduling Data Analyst
Sarah Johnston, Scheduling Contractor
Cathy Shankman, Scheduling Coordinator

Catalog, Curriculum, and Degree Audit

Dan Gilbert, Degree Planning & Audit Scribe
Tiffany Myles, Course & Curriculum Contractor
Dana Sima, Sr. Assistant University Registrar, Degree Audit
Tracy Tascone, Degree Planning & Audit Scribe
Michele Tuohy, Sr. Assistant University Registrar, Catalog & Curriculum

Student Systems & Information Services

Samuel Romain, Student Enrollment Data Analyst
Christina Zhou, Systems & Data Analyst

Organizational Chart

Penn OUR Organizational Chart

To find School Registrar contacts for other divisions visit: https://srfs.upenn.edu/registrar/srwg

Contact Information

3451 Walnut Street
Franklin Building, Suite 221
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-898-6636
Fax:    215-573-2076
Email: Submit a Ticket